For over 22 years, Sterling United Limited has supplied high quality dairy products to restaurants, distribution centers, and grocery stores. Isn't it time you join too.

About Us

Sterling United Limited (Sterling) is a Michigan corporation. It was incorporated on February 22, 1989. Sterling is privately owned.

Sterlings principal business activity consists of soliciting orders for the sale of cheese products to the food service industry. This is accomplished by representatives of Sterling contacting various customers on a regular, continuous basis, supporting them with literature, samples and availability.

All sales orders taken by Sterling are fulfilled by third party cheese producers in states other than Michigan. An order is billed to Sterling, who takes title to the goods only for the purpose of passing title immediately to the Sterling customers. The Sterling customers take immediate title and possession of the goods FOB at the third party cheese producers location. Sterling never takes physical possession of the goods.

The orders are shipped by Sterling customers by their own trucks or common carriers to locations of the Sterling customers in states other than the state in which the cheese production plant is located.